Radiology Viewer

Radiology Viewer v1.00 is a simple lightweight application that allows the user to scroll through CT and MRI image slices.

Download with radiology images (172mb).
Download without radiology images (1.6mb).










Download radiology sets individually:

Abdominal CT Coronal (5.9mb)
Abdominal CT Transverse (48mb)

Chest CT Transverse (12mb)

Head CT Transverse (60mb)
Head MRI Transverse (19mb)
Neck CT Saggital (3.6mb)
Neck CT Transverse (8.4mb)

Ankle/Foot CT (2mb)
Knee CT Transverse (1.29)
Knee MRI Coronal (2mb)
Knee MRI Saggital (2.7mb)

Anterior Cerebral Circulation MRA (1mb)
Femoral Arteries MRA (1mb)
Iliac Arteries MRA (1mb)
Aorta MRA (3.5mb)