Some Calls

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"Some Calls"
Made in 2013
Director: Adam Blumenberg
Hassan Khan
Jacob Carl
Featuring: Liam Burke, Maurice Selby, Bethany Malone

Some Calls
Some nights I stay up cramming all this damn stuff
Some nights I’ve got it all wrong
Some nights I wish that my chief wasn’t an asshole
Some nights I wish I just stayed home
But I still show up
I put on this coat
Oh Lord, I’m still not sure what this stands for ….
Oh oh oh… What does this stand for ?
What does this stand for?
Most times I don’t know any more … Oh oh oh

Well this it boys,
This is the floor
What are you waiting for?
Why don’t you have the vitals already?
I was never one to wear a tie
Save that for the gunner type
try twice as hard and they’re never right
But here they come again to jack my style

That’s all right
Its a hot intern on call tonight
Distracts me from remembering where I am, where I am… Oh oh… where am I?
Well some nights I wish that this all would end
Cuz I could use a life for a change
and some nights I’m scared I’ll forget my name
Some nights you just can’t win… I never win
But I still show up.
I put on this coat.
Oh Lord I’m still not sure where my hands go Oh…

Where do my hands go?
Where do my hands go?
Most times I just don’t know

So this is it? I took out loans for this? Wash my hands raw for this? Try to impress my mom and dad with this? No!

When my patient smiles it warms my heart. When I hear “discharged” thats all I want
But its Friday night and we’ve got a “New admission”
Ah come on

Well this is it I’ve had enough
I’m tired, I’m sick and its 4am.
4 years of this I’m not sure if anybody understands

this one is not for the folks on the ward
Sorry to leave sir I have to go
Who the hell wants to sit alone all curled up in a call room
My back is breaking from this rotation and carrying all this stuff
You can look into my blood shot eyes
But you wouldn’t believe the most amazing friends that can come from… this terrible time

The other night you wouldn’t believe all the drinks we had between you and me
We called in sick and the team believed
Its for the best we started drinking
Its for the best we didn’t go in Noooooa
I bet they didn’t miss us
I hope the deans not listening…