Film 7

This film celebrates one week, 168 hours, of 24-hour movie making.

"Film 7 "
Start time:
11:17 AM EST May 27, 2005.
Creators: Adam Blumenberg, Sam Schrager, Ben Rutkowski, Zaro Bates
1. No breaks longer than 20 minutes.
2. Ode to the postal service
3. Everyone involved must appear onscreen
4. Coherent plot
5. Must have appropriate titles
6. Sam’s dad must contribute to the score
7. Reference to Conor Stratton
8. One “fiblablabla” must appear on screen
9. At least one Kubrick shot
10. Must have workable dialogue
Screen Shots:


Summary: Samuel Lang Schrager searches for his true calling in life, ultimately turning to his father for advice.

Mark: PASS