Film 2


Title: "Film 2"
Start time:

Creators: Adam Blumenberg, Ben Rutkowski, Saskia Kahn, Michael K
1. All movie business must be constrained to the 24 hour period.
2. No breaks of work longer than 20 minutes. BROKEN
3. The movie must be coherent.
4. The movie must be confined to the lower half of Manhattan.
5. No creative influence from anyone other than Ben Rutkowski, Adam Blumenberg, Michael K or Saskia Kahn.
6. The movie's title must be timecode and "Film 2."
7. No actors may be credited, Credits only given for writing, directing and editing.
8. There may be no violence.
9. The movie must be between five and ten minutes long, not including credits. BROKEN
10. Everyone involved must appear on screen.
Screen Shots:


Summary: Two amateur filmmakers seek to improve their skills.