Film 17

"Film 17"
Alternate Title: "Hobopus"
Start time:9:00 AM October 13, 2007
Creators: Ben Rutkowski, Sebastien Weinberg, Woodrow Travers, Brian Paccione, Lauren Rubin, Conor Stratton
1. Must be written, shot and edited in 24 hours.
2. Must use original music.
3. Must be three minutes or less.
4. A tuxedo most be used as a costume.
5. A dutch camera angle must be used
6. A dream sequence must be used.
7. Must use a match cut.
8. Must use the dialogue "Don't tempt me."

Screen Shots:

Summary: New York City's most promising young composer creates his masterpiece. Winner of the popular vote in Apple's Insomnia Film Festival 2007.


Mark: PASS