Film 11

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Title: "Film 11"
Start time:
6:41 PM EST June 16, 2006.
Creators: Adam Blumenberg, Ben Rutkowski, Conor Stratton, Daniel Rutkowski, Anthony Jones, Paul Buffa, Samuel Schrager
1. Must be coherent.
2. All people involved must appear on screen at least once.
3. Must shoot on Coney Island. BROKEN
4. No break of work longer than 20 minutes. BROKEN
5. Must be under 10 minutes.
6. Rapid clothes changing within a scene. BROKEN
7. Must have dialogue.
8. Paul Buffa must have a cigarette in his mouth for every scene he is in.
9. Someone other than Anthony, Adam, Conor, Paul, Daniel must act in the movie.
10. Paul and Conor must present their penises simultaneously in a scene. BROKEN
11. Must involve the Buffa python (actual python). BROKEN
Screen Shots:


Summary: A fail-tale of broken dreams and crushed aspirations.

Mark: PASS