Film 1

"Film 1"
Start time: 6:43PM EST August 20, 2004
Creators: Adam Blumenberg, Ben Rutkowski
1. The film must be written, shot and edited to completion in 24 hours. Time begins at 6:43 on August 20, 2004. Time expires at 6:43 on August 21, 2004.
2. The proceeding rules must be written during the 24 hour period.
3. If the creators leave the environment for any reason, they may not discuss or plan the movie. The environment is defined by a 1/4 mile radius around the Rutkowski residence. BROKEN
4. No one but the creators may influence the movie creatively. While filming and editing they may not receive help.
5. The movie must contain substance.
6. Every shot must be planned in advance.
7. The movie must be exported onto MiniDV by 6:43PM on August 21, 2004. BROKEN
8. No break (sleeping, eating, etc.) may be longer than 20 minutes.)
Screen Shots:

Summary: Our hero is troubled. He cannot escape a dark past. He is haunted. He can find no rest. He can make no amends. He cannot enjoy. He runs. He carries his burdens. He seeks consolation. He finds only that which he created.

Mark: PASS